Honey Vegetable Stir Fry

This dish is sweet, savory, and very filling! My husband and I enjoy this dish on a bed of brown rice, but it is great as a side as well. Feel free to throw in chicken or beef, or leave it vegetarian! A healthy alternative to Chinese take-out. 

5 Reasons to Get Outside

We are always told to spend more time outside, not only in the summer, but year round. But did you know there are true benefits to racking up time outdoors? Not only can it improve mental health, but spending time outdoors boosts vitamin D levels, and even help with creativity! 

Race Report

Everything I had heard said to not go all-out in your first mile, so I took it very slow, feeling the adrenaline but resisting the urge to speed up. When my RunKeeper app told me my pace was 9 minutes, I panicked a little! I had been running about 8:45. I quickly increased my speed, catching up to the group ahead of me.